I will create custom and impactful sounds and/or music for your project. I always consider the non-linear nature of games when creating all sounds and music to make sure every playthrough feels fresh.

Aryo Nazaradeh is a Canadian composer and sound designer of Iranian descent from North Vancouver and a graduate of McGill University and University of Toronto. He specializes in procedural music and sound effects for video games, and has also worked with music for films and the concert hall.

His concert music explores methods of blending western minimalist music with practices found in traditional music of Iran. He is currently based in Greater Vancouver. His fascination of procedural rhythms in 21st century postminimalist music has carried over into video game music, where non-linear music composition in Wwise and FMOD becomes the focal point of his works.

Aryo began his music career by starting violin lessons at the age of 2 after showing interest in violinists on the TV by imitating them for hours each day. He studied with Melissa Hui and Jean Lesage during his bachelor’s degree in composition at McGill University with a minor in linguistics, where he has also taken multiple courses on digital studio composition. At the University of Toronto, he has taken a master’s degree in composition under Christos Hatzis, where he has taken courses on sound recording, film composing, and interactive sound and music in video games. Awards include Best of British Columbia winner in 2015 of The Vancouver Chamber Choir Biennial Young Composers’ Competition.

Aryo’s recent projects include an Iranian fusion piece, pairing western contemporary styles with modes and the melodic language of Iranian music, as well as rhythmic styles incorporated from his own postminimalist music. He has also worked on various indie video game projects as the composer and sound designer, while also taking care of implementation of all sound into the game engine.