Full Indie

I am the president of a nonprofit organization called Full Indie, a thriving collective of game developers which hosts meet ups, conferences, and more to support the local game dev community.

As I started exploring the local game industry in 2020, I noted a lack of community events and platforms to bring Vancouver-based game developers together. Taking the initiative to fill this need, I am the first person to revive monthly game dev meet ups in Vancouver in the wake of the pandemic.

Full Indie hosts the largest game dev meet ups in Vancouver with over a hundred monthly attendees, and they are completely free to attend. We feature two speakers per event, and provide opportunities for attendees to share games and projects they are working on to get feedback from industry peers. As a result, the meetups feel like a grassroots gaming convention, with a variety of games for everyone to play.

If you are interested in attending, you can view our Meetup page and join our Discord server. Past talks can be viewed on the Full Indie YouTube channel, and more info regarding the organization can be viewed on our website. Links can be found below.